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Jessica Montell and I co-wrote an op-ed which appeared in the New York Jewish Week online last week. Click here to read it.

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  1. Well said.
    Civil violence against Arabs is unacceptable.
    However, “Inter arma enim silent leges” is NOT a declaration of intent. It is a fact of life. So much so that I challenge the authors to identify even one example in world history where a protracted ethnic conflict did NOT conform to the Latin. Which does not excuse it. It merely places into perspective the fact that Israelis are no better then any other nationality. This is important to note (and repeat) as people seem to suggest they are worse, which they also are NOT.
    Now, lets get to the core of the problem. The Israelis throwing garbage onto your friend’s porch is one of the numerous and varied symptoms. It does not address the cause.
    Some people say the cause was the displacement of 750,000 Arabs in 1948 and subsequently, the confiscation of more ‘Palestinian’ land in 1967. Others will insist that these events were only to be expected, given the events following WW1 and the violations of Article 22 of the League of Nations. Real zealots will go further and say that the Holocaust itself was an outcropping of the violations of Article 22. Such conclusions are not completely without moment.
    But the primary crime for which both sides continue to pay (up to and including this day) is the re-drafting of longstanding international law regarding “Refugee” status.
    Essentially, the various “host” countries who received displaced Palestinian-Arabs in 1948 (and their oil producing allies) put enough pressure on the United Nations to cause an exception to International Law. Specifically, the offspring of this population (now estimated to be about 6.5-million) have been denied the right to citizenship in those countries where they were born. If not for that disgrace, Mr. Arafat and Co. would have had no reason to reject the Peace Plan of 2,000. Instead, Mr. Arafat later admitted at the Arab League that his duty was to enforce “all the claims of all Arab nations”. [Translation: Those Arab countries with populations of Palestinian-Arabs wanted them out and they were calling the shots].
    Given such a problem, which has no natural solution, the Israelis are being faced with a perpetual war, that will continue to terrorize them for 2,000 more years. The abuses against Arabs by Israelis, while quite immoral and unacceptable, can not be cured by law or any other method, until the vise-grip of violence is removed from the theater. Until such time, the spotlight is wrongly being focused on the relatively less frequent violations of human rights–when it SHOULD be focused on the absence of human rights which the millions of Palestinian-Arabs are victims of on a daily bases in the many host countries where they are wrongly interned en-masse as live-stock.

  2. In the past 72 (or so) hours, the world public media has reported the following news-events (in no special order).
    a. About 20 separate terror explosions have been detonated in mainly Hindu neighborhoods in India. The same radical Islamic group who took responsibility for the India train bombing (a few years ago) has claimed these new attacks as theirs.
    b) A slew of terror attacks have occurred INSIDE Gaza City, mainly targeted at the Hamas officials who had unlawfully seized control after they split with the Fatah. Several innocents–including young children have been killed and injured.
    c) The Government of China has received an official warning (terror threat) from an Islamic Radical group threatening the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing.
    These are only the events which made international news. Surely left out were:
    1. The ongoing (nearly continuous) squad and terror deaths of Hindu civilians in the Cashmere region of India;
    2. The Islamic ‘gorilla’ wars in the Philippines.
    3. The rather frequent apprehension by the FBI of terror cells inside the USA, thwarting their actions before they successfully occur.
    4. Several other such daily events which do not make news.
    Truth being consistently stranger then fiction, there are still educated people in the USA and elsewhere who blame all of this on the Jews, the USA, or both, one being the alleged ‘puppet’ of the other.

  3. Nice blog post, was curious if you would allow me to link to it in a article im currently typing for my own site? Thanks Thomas Law

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