AIPAC Bill Runs Into Unusual Resistance In Congress

It’s been a busy day. My third article post of the day, this one at LobeLog, reporting on a bill that was a focal point of AIPAC lobbying around its policy conference. Such bills usually torpedo through Congress, but not this one. I examine why.

One thought on “AIPAC Bill Runs Into Unusual Resistance In Congress

  1. Hi, Mitchell, I liked your piece, and thanks for the links as well, but it looks as if AIPAC’s influence in the White House is undiminished: Israel would receive $3.4 billion in total military aid under the 2014 U.S. budget proposal sent to Congress by President Barack Obama on Wednesday, virtually unchanged from its current level of military aid from the U.S. Thanks for all your excellent work, Mary Wilson Orford, NH, USA

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