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Gaza, Israeli soldiers' Testimonies and Israel's Response

To be frank, Israel’s response to the testimonies of its own soldiers who served in Gaza was shameful. I have written about the bigger picture for Zeek Magazine at the Jewcy web site.

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An excellent article on Gaza

I strongly recommend this article at the Jewcy web site on the question of war crimes in Operation Cast Lead and the recent testimony of Israeli soldiers there. Also, you might be interested in the preliminary report B’Tselem put out in February. We haven’t been able to go further in depth because Israel refuses to allow us into Gaza. That link takes you to the summary and you can download…

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The Change is Becoming Visible in the Obama Era

My latest piece at Zeek magazine. You can see it by clicking here. In it, I describe the first visible steps the Obama administration is taking toward breaking with past policies. The change is visible on many levels, and perhaps most importantly in Congress, where a major pro-Israel figure is stepping up and sharply criticizing settlements and other Israeli practices. My view counterpoints the cycnicism of much of the hardcore…

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In my capacity as the Director of B’Tselem’s US Office, I’ve been asked frequently of late about the Israeli elections that are winding down as I write this. In general, B’Tselem stays away from matters of politics. Our credibility is dependent on our being focused on human rights, no matter what the shape of the Israeli, or any other, government may be. But this time, I could answer honestly: It…