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Human rights community to Israeli Prime Minister: Time is running out. Establish independent inquiry into Operation Cast Lead

Israeli human rights groups have joined together for one last plea to the Israeli government to launch a credible, independent and effective investigation into Operation Cast Lead before the matter goes before the UN on February 5. Below is the press release and the letter that was sent to the Prime Minister.

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Sheikh Jarrah: Occupation Overwhelming Democracy

Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now blogs about how the ongoing protests at Sheikh Jarrah are a “microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” She’s right of course. And she’s right in observing that this relatively small piece of the conflict demonstrates how the occupation is eroding Israeli democracy. I’d like to go a little deeper into that point, from a slightly different angle. The protests in Sheikh Jarrah were sparked…

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Apartheid or Not Apartheid, the Facts Are the Same

I intend to write a good deal more about the important ideas Henry Siegman put forth in his article in the Nation this week. But there’s an important aspect to my thoughts on the piece that I felt needed a separate reading. Siegman decided to bluntly call Israel “the only apartheid regime in the Western world.” I’m no longer interested in discussing whether the label is appropriate or not. The…