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Obama and Robert Malley

I have a new piece on Obama and the flap over Rob Malley. It’s at and they’ve commissioned me to write some pieces for them. This is the first, and you can find it by clicking here.

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Making Sense of Barack Obama

While the right wing has been engaging in a shameful smear campaign against Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, the hard left has been slamming him for “kowtowing” to AIPAC. I get a lot of e-mail, from all different points of view. I’m on a lot of lists. The words I’ve seen used to describe Obama include “maggot,” “toady,” “hypocrite,” “worm,” “traitor,” “opportunist,” and “supporter of war crimes.” These were all…

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Stop Misrepresenting Selective Divestment

I may write more about this soon (or not), but a few words are needed in response to this story in Ha’aretz today. The Methodist Church is considering divesting from companies doing business that supports Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. Now, I do not support boycotts or divestment programs against Israel. But a boycott or divestment drive against Israel is NOT the same thing as one against the occupation.…

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Hamas Driving A Wedge Between Israel and Egypt

On Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni recommended that Israel permit Egypt to double its force in the Sinai along the border with Israel. This is a response to Hamas’ breaching of the Gaza border which has allowed them to place operatives in the Sinai. The results of that repositioning were felt yesterday in Dimona as a Hamas suicide bomber killed a woman and wounded 11 other people. The Egyptians,…