For Yom Kippur, Jewish Federation Tries To Muzzle Muzzlewatch

The Jewish Federation has been running a poll to recognize “Jewish heroes.” My friend and colleague, Cecilie Surasky, had been doing rather well in the voting. And then, suddenly, she was simply deleted.

Cecilie Surasky, Deputy Director of Jewish Voice for Peace and Editor of Muzzlewatch

She disappeared without a word, without notice and without explanation. The deletion came the day after San Francisco’s major Jewish weekly, J, published an article remarking on Cecilie’s being in the running and in the top 10 in polling in her category. And then, in classic Orwellian fashion, Cecilie became an unperson in the poll.

Obviously as a former JVP staffer I’m outraged. But one can’t help laughing at the stupidity of the Fed here. I mean, on Yom Kippur eve, no less, they give the absolute definitive example of muzzling to none other than the founder and driving force behind Muzzlewatch, the blog which describes its purpose as “Tracking efforts to stifle open debate about US-Israeli foreign policy.”

And they wonder why they’re losing the new generation of Jews?

On one level, it was of some interest that the Fed allowed Cecilie into the competition in the first place. But when she was demonstrating that she has significant support within the Jewish community, and was acknowledged in that by a mainstream Jewish newspaper, well, that just carries open debate and exchange of opinions too far for the Fed. Continue reading

American Liebermans

In my latest piece for Babylon Times, hosted by Souciant, I look at the phenomenon of Americans being “more Israeli than Israelis.” Actually, I contend it’s gone from being more Likud than the Israeli right to being more devoted to Israel than to the US for many.