The goal on this site is to foster free and open conversation, and I would prefer if such conversations encompassed ALL views, no matter how far “right” or “left” they may be. For now, comments are not moderated, and I have few rules.
However, let me clear that some things are out of bounds.
There will be no hate speech, name-calling or personal attacks of any kind in these discussions. Such comments will be deleted. And if they happen too often I will be forced to moderate comments on this blog, which I would rather not do. So please be clear on this point.

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  1. With reference to your January 19 th posting on the GOP endorsement of a one-state solution, it’s ell to note the languge of the Isreali Dclration of Independence, which says: it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex

  2. I am much in agreement with what you’ve written in this post, Mitchell. I have, though, at times heard comments from members of the Black community that the use of the term “folks” is objectionable – especially by non-blacks – because of the extent to which it’s been used almost exclusively in referring to Black people; in other words it carries with its use some racist history. Maybe just Black “people” would be a better choice of term!?

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