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Karen Bass Would Be Biden’s Best Choice for VP

At Medium today, I examine the imminent selection of Joe Biden’s running mate. I look at the pros and cons of several of the leading contenders. Karen Bass is the choice I would want him to make, out of the available, realistic options. But she isn’t who I expect him to pick. Read about it at Medium.

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To November and Beyond!

In my latest Rethinking Foreign Policy podcast, I talk about some specific ways progressives need to strategically influence a Biden administration toward a better foreign policy, and the need to strategize about that now, not after the election. With all of our energy understandably focused on securing a Joe Biden victory in November, others are already jockeying to ensure they have an influential seat at the table of a Biden…

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A Tisha B’Av of Home Demolitions and Midnight Raids

In the middle of the night, and in front of his three young children, Israeli forces raided the home of Mahmoud Nawajaa and arrested him. It was around 3 AM in Abu Qash, a small village near Ramallah when, according to Mahmoud’s wife, Ruba Alayan, “Around 50 soldiers were there. They broke the doors and the locks, and they covered Mahmoud’s eyes, handcuffed him, and also took his computer and…

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Is ending the Saudi-led blockade on Qatar now the right answer?

The list of foreign policy blunders and failures in just three and a half years of the Donald Trump administration is remarkably long. But one of his first–the green light to the Saudis to try to isolate Qatar, physically and politically–is still festering. It’s an object lesson in how just a few foolish words from a U.S. president can have enormous effects. We are generally inclined to try to repair…

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Condemn Ideas, Not People: A Different Approach to Confronting Antisemitism

The recent controversies around antisemitic statements made by athletes DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson, and entertainment mogul Nick Cannon have raised troubling questions about how to address antisemitism, especially now that it is on the rise. There is a clear need to build much stronger connections between the fight to end antisemitism and the antiracist movement for Black lives. Too often these are parallel tracks, sometimes even at odds with…