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The U.K. Labour Party’s New Antisemitism Row

The United Kingdom’s centrist Labour Party head, Keir Starmer, stirred up a vexing controversy when he decided to remove MP Rebecca Long-Bailey from her position as Shadow Secretary of State for Education. Long-Bailey, who is associated with Labour’s left wing and its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had shared an article by a prominent actress in which she repeated the unfounded rumor that American police officers had learned the “knee on…

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The Tragic Death of Ahmed Erakat

Sometime in the latter part of 1988, I had gotten my first car. I was 22, but since I had grown up in New York City, I was late getting my driver’s license. Now, living in Northern California, a car was more important, so shortly after I got my license, I got one. Not long after, on a crisp Sunday morning in Oakland, I hopped in my little used car…

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Roger Waters, Attacks On Free Speech, and the Real Power of Bigotry

As a huge fan of Pink Floyd, I have regularly found Roger Waters’ political statements problematic, sometimes due to the tone, sometimes to the substance. In many cases, though, I found that accusations of antisemitism against Waters were unfounded or even reactionary. That’s not the case with his latest foray into antisemitic tropes. Waters has been getting into more conspiratorial thinking in recent years, particularly when it comes to the…

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More than 100 progressive groups push Biden to support Palestinian rights

At Responsible Statecraft, I discuss the letter to Joe Biden from over 100 groups calling for a new policy that addresses Palestinian rights. You can find the press release about the letter at this link. You can find the text of the letter at this one. You can also sign the letter as an individual there. I explore the letter and its significance here.

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Over 100 U.S. Organizations Urge Biden to Support Equality for Palestinians

CODEPINK organized a joint letter from over 100 diverse organizations to Joe Biden, calling on him to support Palestinian rights. ReThinking Foreign Policy joined If Not Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Council on American-Islamic Coordination, American Friends Service Committee, PAX Christi U.S., Demand Progress, Win Without War, Peace Action, and many other groups in signing the letter. The following is the press release that CODEPINK put out today.  …