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Mixed lessons for Palestine advocacy from the Democratic primaries

In my latest piece for Mondoweiss, I examine two primary races in Pennsylvania and what lessons they hold for Palestine advocacy. One is the apparent victory of Summer Lee in the 12th congressional district. The other is John Fetterman’s victory for the Democratic nomination for Senate. Lee has been attacked because her experience as a Black woman in the US has made her empathetic with Palestinians under Israel’s boot, and she…

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Biden’s trip to Israel is getting trickier by the day

In my latest piece for Responsible Statecraft, I check in on Joe Biden’s planned trip to Israel next month and how Israel’s behavior in recent days–including murdering Shireen Abu Akleh, desecrating her funeral, storming a hospital in East Jerusalem, and announcing the biggest addition to West Bank settlements since Biden took office–are making it more and more difficult for Biden to continue his uncritical commitment to Israel. Sure, he’ll find a way…

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Dennis Ross calls for a Mideast NATO

With all that is raging in Palestine right now, it’s easy to forget that misguided US foreign policy is not slowing down in its efforts to promote tensions in the Middle East. In what I expect will become a regular appearance at the Mondoweiss web site, I published yesterday my first piece for them. In it, I explore the highly dangerous policy that Dennis Ross recommended in an article in The…

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Draft of Alito opinion overturning Roe v Wade

Dear readers, I publish here the full, 98-page text of a draft opinion leaked to the newspaper, Politico, that completely overturns Roe v Wade. It is an awful opinion. Unfortunately, it capitalizes on the fact that Roe itself was a poorly thought out and badly written opinion that qualified what should have been absolute; that is the right of a woman, indeed of any person, to the full control of…

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Mitchell Plitnick on Israel, Iran and a Cold War in the Middle East

Last week, I had a lengthy conversation with Scott Horton of the Libertarian Institute about some of the recent developments in the Israeli political scene and the medium term effects they could have. You can listen to the conversation here.