Posted on: November 11, 2020 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

You knew it had to happen, didn’t you? Israel’s absence from most of the 2020 election campaign couldn’t last.

In Georgia, we see the ugly face of Israel-Palestine politics from both sides. Republican Kelly Loeffler launched a disingenuous attack on Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock calling him anti-Israel and implying he is antisemitic. Warnock responded by calling BDS antisemitic, swearing his devotion to Israel, and saying that Israel should always be free to act without fear of consequences.

It’s an ugly episode that is very likely a foreshadowing of how politics around Israel-Palestine will play out in a Biden administration. Assuming, of course, we actually get there.

I explore all of this today at Responsible Statecraft.