Posted on: May 4, 2021 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

In the wake of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ cancellation of Palestinian elections–and, more to the point, of Israel’s cooperation in that act and the U.S.’ giving the idea a green light–it’s more important than ever to consider new ideas for ways forward. But any creative thinking has always been blocked by the near total immobility of the policy discourse in Washington.

In this new piece at Responsible Statecraft, I look at a new policy paper representing a joint effort between the Carnegie Endowment for Peace and the US/Mideast Peace Project. I examine their recommendations and how they might play out in DC, but more importantly, I look at their basic notion of a policy approach based on human rights and international law, an idea that is old for most of us, but very new in the Washington discourse. Check it out.