No Zionists Here: Demystifying Israel Firsters

I’ll be publishing my weekly Souciant pieces on Friday, at least for a while, instead of Wednesdays, so today there’s a new one up there. I discuss the experience of MJ Rosenberg and his use of the term Israel Firsters to describe so-called “pro-Israel” advocates in the US who place Israeli interests over the US’, as most of them from AIPAC and rightward do. In my view, some of the most powerful of that crew actually are pursuing an agenda which cares about neither Israel or the US. Check it out.

Just Call Him OyBama

This week’s Souciant piece is up. It’s the first of what is likely to be many pieces over the next few months on Obama’s first term, his possible second one and just how bad things could be with a Republican president. In this piece, while I remind folks that things would have been much worse with McCain and will be much worse if Romney wins in November, Obama’s policy, or lack thereof, in the Middle East has been a disaster.

Find Me In New Book

There is a new book out that is an absolute must-read, and not only because I was interviewed for it.

It’s called Transforming America’s Israel Lobby: The Limits of Its Power and the Potential For Change. It is, in my view, by far the most useful and informative book on the question of how influential AIPAC and its cohorts are, and, most important, how a realistic pro-peace lobby might come about.

If you’d like more information on the book, you can read a review of it at Zeek Magazine’s web site, by clicking here.