Hold Your Nose And Vote

Something different in this week’s piece at Souciant. I take on the argument that voting for third party candidates helps bring about change, or at least shows you are not supporting the certainly awful policies Barack Obama has followed, which have little connection to his campaign rhetoric. I argue that unless we have a credible alternative we have no right to risk putting in someone who is far worse than Obama. There is a little bit of Mideast content if you were wondering…

Adnan Will Live–And So Will Administrative Detention

So much has been written in the blogosphere about Khader Adnan, the Palestinian hunger striker, that I thought I would just leave it to others. But now that his hunger strike has ended, I feel moved to make a few points.

We will probably never know if there ever was a reason, beyond harassment, for Adnan’s imprisonment. He is a member of Islamic Jihad, and some media reports state that he has or had a leadership role in that organization.

Adnan was convicted by Israel of being a spokesperson for Islamic Jihad, but has never been charged with any connection to any acts of violence against Israeli citizens.

He was detained on December 17, 2011 and was held under the Israeli program of administrative detention. The process is not dissimilar to the one the United States uses at Guantanamo Bay, where we have found used various impressive feats of legal gymnastics to justify holding people for indefinite periods without charge or trial.

The Israeli version is slightly different, as administrative detainees can be held for up to six months. But the detention can then be renewed, over and over, so it amounts to the same thing. Continue reading