Democracy Means Equality

A fundamental plank of any peace plan has to be universal rights and full equality for all, and that is true whether the solution is one state, two states, twelve states or no states in Israel-Palestine. I elaborate at Souciant.

Israel for Everyone

This week’s Souciant article is up. In it, I look at the bigotry of the Zionism of Eli Yishai, its prominent role in Israel and Zionism not only today but historically, and how Jewish self-determination could exist without both that hate and the obsession with an artificially created and enforced “Jewish majority.”

The New Iron Wall

In my latest piece for Souciant, I speculate about the possibility that the strong performance of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system in recent days might make Israel even more reckless and foolhardy about an attack on Iran.

I still don’t believe an attack on Iran will happen, and make no mistake, I am delighted that Iron Dome can protect innocent Israelis from harm (it would be nice if Palestinians had any sort of protection at all, let alone something similar). Still, with the heightened rhetoric and tough talk, and the moves to increase pressure on Iran, we have an atmosphere where a mistake or miscalculation could bring on results I don’t think anyone, save for a few warmongering neoconservatives, really wants. A lowered sense of vulnerability can, possibly, make that risk worse.