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How the Israeli government shake-up will affect US-relations

Israeli Prime Minister lost his parliamentary majority last week. Not a lot changes in the short term as a result, as this government went from being able to do very little because of the opposing ideologies of various parts of the governing coalition to being completely paralyzed by not having enough votes for…well, just about anything now. But in my latest piece for Responsible Statecraft, I look at the medium and…

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Friend or frenemy? Mitchell Plitnick discusses Middle East posturing on Russia-Ukraine

I spoke with Kelley Vlahos and Daniel Larison on their Crashing the War Party podcast. We discussed the Russian war on Ukraine in the context of the Middle East, and particularly the response of American allies in Israel and the Persian Gulf. Listen here.

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AIPAC’s insurrectionists for Israel

AIPAC has received intense criticism for the decision of its new political action committee to endorse 37 Republicans who tried to prevent the certification of the presidential election of 2020. In my latest piece for +972 Magazine, I argue that the criticism, while coming in many cases from unprecedented quarters, demonstrates conclusively that AIPAC’s self-declared “single-issue” focus means that the interests of the United States, particularly U.S. democracy, are thoroughly…

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Why is Israel MIA on Ukraine-Russia crisis?

In my latest piece for Responsible Statecraft, I look at Israel’s reluctance to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. I look at its excuses for doing so and find they don’t stack up at all. In the end, Israel is making a cold calculation: although they have exponentially more invested in the United States and Europe, those two entities have steadfastly refused to respond to even the gravest insult, while…

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Ukraine Shows We Need A Third Option Besides War and Sanctions

In my latest piece at Medium, I argue that while Joe Biden is correct to avoid using military force to aid Ukraine, sanctions are not a viable alternative as they have little hope of changing Russia’s behavior in the immediate and short term. I look at the history of sanctions and just how ineffective they are, and conclude that a third option must be developed. While that won’t help Ukraine now,…