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Biden may be imperfect, but he’s the only option for those concerned about Palestinian rights

Biden must reckon with a more progressive approach to foreign policy, even in Israel, an area where he may have some personal investment, but where the government has shifted to such an extreme position that even someone as supportive as Biden will have to take action if he hopes to salvage the possibility of diplomacy.

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Pompeo’s Short Visit To Israel

Netanyahu will certainly do all he can to maintain ties with China. He knows this will be a sore point with the U.S. for the foreseeable future, not only with Trump but with any American administration, Democrat or Republican. But he will try to wait it out until better times allow Israel to move forward with whatever plans they may have with Beijing.

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Center-left think tank event suggests consensus on a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is starting to fade

It is not and has never been impossible to approach the issue of Israel-Palestine from a framework of equal rights that embraces, rather than ignores, the strong national movements of both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs. That approach can lead to a future of equality and peace that the unequal compromises demanded by the two-state solution envisioned in the Oslo peace process could never deliver.

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Appearance on the Scott Horton Show

Mitchell Plitnick talks to Scott about the dizzying state of the Israeli elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has finally formed a government after three rounds of elections that looked to be tilting toward his main rival, Benny Gantz. Plitnick theorizes that Gantz simply is not as savvy a career politician as Netanyahu is, and in part he just got tired of the endless fight.

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Israel’s unity government protects Netanyahu from prosecution, paves the way for annexation

Gantz was never going to stop annexation, but his partnership with Netanyahu will now make it easier for the new government to move forward on it in a more effective way. Coupled with the personal protection Gantz has afforded the prime minister, the former opposition leader got precious little for his surrender.