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Interview: Blind support for Israel in US not working for anybody – Israel/Palestine expert

Had a chance to talk with Lester Kiewit on CapeTalk in South Africa about the current events in Gaza and Israel. Quite frankly, it’s a pleasure to talk to foreign journalists after spending so much time with American media. Listen to the interview here.

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MKs from a wide spectrum of the Knesset call for mass transfer of Palestinians

It is hard to fathom anyone but the woefully uninformed and the willfully ignorant still believing this assault on Gaza was a war on Hamas when it has plainly been Israel using the horrific events of October 7 as an excuse to launch a war against the Palestinian civilian population. It has been plain in both word and deed from the beginning. Toady, it is even clearer. One thing about…

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Why the White House Backs Bibi: Biden and the Sukkot War, Part II

In the conclusion of this piece for The Battleground, I get into the reasons why Joe Biden has risked the 2024 election, his personal legacy, and the stability of the entire Middle East in order to back Israel and a prime minister to whom he had previously been giving the cold shoulder.   You can find Part 1 of this article here.

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Biden Mideast agenda comes crashing down in Gaza

Joe Biden’s attempt to ignore the Palestinian people has brought the worst calamity on both Israelis and Palestinians since 1948 down, and civilians on both sides have been the overwhelming majority of those who have paid the price. In addition, while Biden, MBS, and the Abraham Accords countries try desperately to salvage their apartheid-dictatorship alliance and the shiny new guns and warplanes that comes with it, Biden’s entire regional policy…

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New Report: Presumptively Antisemitic: Islamophobic Tropes in the Palestine-Israel Discourse 

The Biden Administration marching full lockstep with Israel as it commits massive war crimes including collective punishment, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. Congress censuring the sole Palestinian-American in either chamber for defending her own people. A passionate attachment to Israel alone doesn’t explain this. There is a flip side to that coin. A new report that I authored with Prof. Sahar Aziz and released through the Rutgers University Center for Security…