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Biden administration and Israel lobby in a panic following Netanyahu’s far-right election sweep

With Israel’s image already slipping badly as its apartheid policies are laid bare for more to see, advocates for Israel were already losing people as more and more liberals gave up trying to square their values with a country that obviously does not share them. This group includes a wide range of centrist and left-of-center advocates as well as the US government. Now that Religious Zionism (Bezalel Smotrich), Otzma Yehudit (Itamar…

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Will Biden stand up to Israel’s new far right government?

Israel’s election was expected to bring back Benjamin Netanyahu and give the far-right Religious Zionism party a significant boost. But Netanyahu and his far-right/religious bloc ended up winning a very clear majority, the only left-wing Zionist party and one liberal Arab party failed to make the Knesset, and Religious Zionism emerged as the second largest bloc in Netanyahu’s likely coalition. This sharp lurch to the right will make little difference…

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Who’s afraid of Netanyahu?

As Israelis vote in another round of elections (while, it is always important to keep in mind, millions of Palestinians who are directly ruled not by the PA or Hamas but by Israel are barred from any say in who will run the apartheid regime that governs their lives), the outcome is, once again, too close to call. But polls do show a narrow path to victory for the pro-Netanyahu/Ben-Gvir…

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The question of violence

After years of the United States, Israel and the Palestinian Authority making it clear to the Palestinian people that diplomacy will not secure the realization of Palestinian rights–especially given the massive power imbalance–the use of armed resistance to Israeli apartheid is growing among Palestinians. People have asked, “where is the Palestinian Mandela?” Well, when South African Apartheid President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom if he would renounce violence, he…

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AIPAC is Backing Trumpist White Nationalist Candidates As Trump Spouts Antisemitism

I sat down for a conversation with Ian Masters of Background Briefing on Tuesday. We discussed AIPAC’s expanded role in US elections and the right’s including the Jewish right’s, loathsome hypocrisy when it comes to antisemitism. You can listen here.