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  1. Its very hard to be objective about the lives of people in one’s own tribe, versus the life of a different tribesman. This goes back to the dawn of civilization. Mitchell is right in the underlying point he is trying to make. Problem is that he could have made this point in three sentences. Mitchell tends to pontificate on a single issue and after reading a page or two, one feels cheated because the subject was quite repeated.
    Anyway, if we all have been following the news, there are fresh riots in Tibet. The Chinese government has issued a “deadline” of Monday next. There will likely be a few thousand dead Buddhists by Tuesday. The problem I have with Mitchell Plitnick’s “Passions of the Anti-Christ” series is that a REAL human rights activist would spread his compassion around to include other populations. At any given moment, about ten other conflicts are claiming innocent lives in the world. At select moments, some of the conflicts are costing thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even, occasionally, millions of civilian casualties. The Arab/Israeli conflict is (and always has) been partly fueled by the disproportionate amount of attention it gets.
    To Mitchell’s point: “No Hope As Long As We Value Some Lives Over Others”
    I say: Bravo. Now, walk the walk preacher.

  2. The latest audio tape of Bin Laden clearly illustrates what I have been saying for years (even before 9-11). He calls for an international “Holy war” for the liberation of “Palestine”. This should come as news to NO ONE. Any objective study of Islam and history strongly affirms that the “Arab Cause” is (and has always been) a cloak for the impending Islamic conquest, first of the Mid East and thereafter, universally.
    This has NEVER been a dispute over where the borders belong. It has always been a dispute over the existance of borders.
    Be not confused peaceniks, your continued condemnation of Israel is not only unfair, but ranks among the most unfair reversals of reality in the recorded history of humanity. Not unlike blaming the child for the molestation by his preist.

  3. Below is an Interview with Al-Qaeda commander in northern Iraq. As becomes obvious infra, the terrorists consider anyone who does not submit to their specific brand of Islam as “betrayers of Islam” and subject to summary death as punishment. This segment of radical Islam has always stood behind the scenes of various states, issuing threats to those Arab leaders who might seek peace. This dymamic goes back to the early 1920’s in Palestine. Anyone who believes that there is some conventional, reasonable solution to this (now almost 100 year old problem) has gotta be hi.
    March 19, 2008
    On February 12, 2008, the Qatari daily Al-‘Arab published an interview with Al-Qaeda commander in northern Iraq Abu-Turab Al-Jaza’iri. The interview, at an Al-Qaeda hideout in northern Iraq, was conducted according to Al-Qaeda’s stipulations – including no disclosure of the region where it took place and no communications or recording equipment of any kind brought to the site.

    During the interview, Al-Jaza’iri acknowledged that Al-Qaeda’s position in Iraq was difficult, and that Al-Qaeda had committed mistakes, including indiscriminately murdering civilians, which had caused its popularity to decline sharply. He also termed the most recent terrorist attacks in Algiers ‘folly.’

    The following are excerpts from the interview:(1)

    We Have Been Forced to Withdraw from Several Cities

    Asked about Al-Qaeda’s position in Iraq, with reference to the U.S. announcement that it had been paralyzed, Al-Jaza’iri replied: “…[The Islamic Republic of Iraq] is alive, striking, bombing, and planning to attack various military targets belonging to the Crusaders and to betrayers of Islam, i.e. the Shi’ites and Kurds who have joined the occupier…

    “It is true that we have lost several cities and have been forced to withdraw from others, after a large number of [Sunni] tribal leaders betrayed Islam and when their tribe members joined forces against us. However, we are still fighting, and the ‘paralysis’ mentioned by the Crusaders is true only for some of the regions. [Besides,] it is common knowledge that any war always involves advance and retreat, so that [even] in those regions I wouldn’t call our position ‘paralysis,’ but rather ‘the [changing] conditions of the war.'”

    Al-Jaza’iri added: “…I do not want to paint a false picture: Our position is very difficult, but we are fighting, and will continue to do so…”

    Reasons for the Decrease in Al-Qaeda’s Popularity

    Asked about possible reasons for the decrease in Al-Qaeda’s popularity, Al-Jaza’iri said that indiscriminately murdering civilians had been a mistake that had “harmed the organization’s reputation.”

    He stated: “In the Al-Anbar [district], for example, Sunni Iraqis voluntarily enlisted for jihad activity not because [they believed in] it, but because they hated the Americans and [wished] to take revenge on them and on the betrayers of Islam. Some were motivated by financial considerations, and got carried away with murdering and executing futile attacks, which killed a lot of unfortunate individuals.

    “Neither can I ignore the U.S. and Iraqi intelligence apparatuses, or the media, which caters [to the Americans] and which has accused us of carrying out attacks in which we had no part – such as the attack at the Al-Habbaniyah mosque west of Al-Faluja, or the [attacks] in Al-Faluja and Al-Ramadi, where lethal chlorine gas was used. The killing of the Crusaders and of the tribal leaders who collaborated with the betrayers of Islam should have been carried out more intelligently.”

    Our Brothers in Algeria Disregarded the Rules

    Regarding the latest incidents in Algeria, Al-Jaza’iri said: “…The attacks in Algeria sparked animated debate here in Iraq. I believe that had I been a leader there, this would not have happened – because most of the youths who enlisted in Al-Qaeda were still adolescents, motivated by resentment, revenge, and hatred of the ruling regime and the rich, who were sucking the blood of the people, rather than by shari’a.

    “This is exactly what happened in Al-Ramadi, a city in western Iraq about which I have told you, where a few individuals caused a lot of bloodshed. Algeria is not under occupation like Iraq; its army and the police force are from among the people, and its people are Muslims. We have a religious principle: ‘There is no imperative to kill every person whose apostasy has been proven.’ How much less so if [such a person] attests that ‘there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.’ [Furthermore, there must be a distinction between] incidents in which the apostasy has been proven and the apostate persists in it – in which case the qadi sentences the apostate to death – and [incidents] in which the apostate [confesses] and renounces his mistake – [in which case] his repentance is accepted…

    “[My] brothers in Algeria disregarded all these laws – [an omission] which has harmed our good name, and which, moreover, has damaged the entire Salafi movement – while the only one to profit was the regime that had betrayed Islam and its allies.

    “By Allah! Had they told me they were planning to harm the [Algerian] president and his family, I would say: Blessing be upon them! But explosions in the streets, blood [flowing] knee-deep, the killing of soldiers whose wages are not even enough for them eat at third-rate restaurants, let alone second- or first-rate ones! – and calling all this jihad – by Allah, it’s sheer idiocy!

    “I appeal to them to come to the country of glory, Iraq, and to wage jihad here, in the Land of the Two Rivers. However, if they decide to remain in hiding, carrying out attacks that harm the poor, the deprived, those who are ignorant in questions of religion, and those who sin out of ignorance – [such behavior] is forbidden, and those [guilty of it] are sinners.

    “Had they planned to kill the Interior Minister or his deputy, or a leader of the oppressive Algerian [regime], I would say, ‘By Allah, they have devised [a worthy plan],’ and we would all pray for their success. However, I have not seen or heard anything like that.

    “I realize that what I have been saying will be vehemently opposed by some here in Iraq, as well as outside it in Algeria, but I stand by it. My opinion is firm, and is shared by some other commanders…”

    Al-Qaeda Members Who Have Harmed Our Good Name Must Be Expelled

    Asked about how to rectify Al-Qaeda’s mistakes, Al-Jaza’iri replied: “…[These mistakes] can be rectified by expelling the elements that have harmed Al-Qaeda’s [good name] and by following the principle of ‘quality over quantity.’ Today, our [organization] numbers over 9,000 fighters, but only 3,000 can be relied upon. The rest are unreliable, since they keep harming [the good name] of Al-Qaeda – as you call it – [that is,] of the Islamic State of Iraq…”

    Further on in the interview, Al-Jaza’iri said: “…Al-Qaeda has been infiltrated by people who have harmed its reputation… We have started expelling them and driving them out of our ranks. This year will be marked by rectifying [mistakes] and [waging] jihad…”

    The Next Few Months Will Prove Decisive

    On the change in Al-Qaeda’s strategy and the continuation of attacks, Al-Jaza’iri said: “It is clear that the strategy [of capturing cities and turning them into Al-Qaeda bases] has failed, so today we are fighting a guerilla war, or, as some call it, ‘street fighting.’ The efficacy of this [strategy] has been proven in various contexts. We have been instructed to focus our attacks on targets that are strategically and morally important to our enemies, on the eve of the U.S. election campaign.”

    He continued: “…It is the type of attacks and the way they are planned that will be changed. Accordingly, we will be focusing on operations that cause the maximum pain and bewilderment to the enemy. This [shift] will open a new page in the fighting, which you will notice on the fifth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq…”

    Addressing Iraq’s Sunnis, Al-Jaza’iri said: “The next few months will prove decisive, and by Allah! We have prepared for this – we have humiliated the Crusaders, and have made their blood flow in the streets… And what is to come will be even worse and more bitter. Therefore, I say to those who claim that we have failed, or are paralyzed…: You will receive our answer in the next few weeks…”
    (1) Al-Arab (Qatar), February 12, 2008.

  4. Can someone please explain to me why the Palestinian-Arabs are in a worse position then the Tibetians?
    I am beginning to feel a lot more convinced that Phillis Chesler is correct on this point.
    I.e.. Many of the Jews who blanket condem Israel do so out of embarrassment in a futile atempt to become of the the “good Jews”.

  5. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

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