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Hi, friends,

It has been some time since I posted to my blog. I have been busy working here in Washington to establish B’Tselem’s presence and to inject a reasonable view of human rights into the debate on the occupation. In coming weeks, you’ll hear more.

But today, I have a short piece posted at Click here to check it out.

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  1. I make no excuses for the disproportionate granting or denial of rights, based on race and/or religion. However, this militancy and 90 year old state of terror by radical Arab factions against Hebrews has had its variety of side-effects. One of them is the empowerment of radical Jewish groups who believe that God insists that Israel be a pure Jewish nation. While they are every bit as mental as the Islamo fascists, they are far less dangerous and I think that needed to be said. They believe that 8,000 Sq-miles of Jerusalem, et-al is divinely Jewish by title, while the most radical Islamic factions believe that the entire world is really Muslim, and that some people need more convincing then others.
    What is also interesting is that when Israel was established in 1948, it was primarily a secular and leftist movement. The most religious Jewish factions had wanted no part of it for the previous years between the civil war time and WW2 because the common understanding of the Torah was that Israel was only to become a Jewish nation at the behest of the fabled Messiah, (who has yet to arrive). While some hasids may believe that their own, communal ‘grand rebbi’ is this biblical figure, such a view is naturally NOT shared outside the given Hasid (sect). If it were, then all the numerous hasids would merge under the leadership of their one true messiah.
    I am not opposed to house demolition as a punitive measure or even as a deterrent, under certain specific circumstances. I don’t frankly care what the Geneva convention has to say about it because it is non-lethal and in fact, mostly non violent. At least it is not imprisonment, torture or injury to life or limb. I don’t know exactly what these circumstances being described in the article are. As I said, if they are punitive merely to chase away Arabs, that I would object to. The Hebrews have human rights to live in peace. Those rights have been denied them (on and off) for the better part of 2,600 years and I grimace at the fact that much of the world has condemned the Israelis [read: Jews] as the agitators and ‘Nazis’. This is just one more beating the Jews must endure. When we hit 100 genocides, will some sort of bell ring? Will balloons rise and confetti fall?
    Lastly, and this might be the most important thing I have, one of the tactics of the most radical Islamists is to try and empower the extremist Jews–as it is these people’s belief that doing so will create a larger backlash against Israel. Thus, not only are they willing to blow up Hebrews (and each other) but they often desire the Israelis to blow them us as well. To these factions, anything which speeds up the impending day of universal judgment suits them just fine. So when you condemn wing-nut groups like Ateret Cohanim, just keep in mind that certain Radial Islamic factions helped empower them, both passively and actively.

  2. To the Message Writer of Dec. 13, 2008,

    When you are one who has stood on the doorsteps, in the agricultural fields, and sat in the living rooms and kitchens of people living in Palestine, as Mitchell Plitnick has done, then I will better understand what you are saying though I will never agree.

    As a trauma specialist and domestic violence activist in the United States I can state unequivocally that destroying homes is a violent action.

    Anne Flaherty
    Shutesbury, MA 01072

  3. Anne Flaherty:
    Listen, sweetie . . . .
    I have exactly one Israeli friend and exactly one Arab friend. I like the Arab better.
    I defend Israel because their position is more justified. While street-level Arabs may have taken the brunt of punishment over this conflict, Israel is under no legal or ethical obligation to have comparible or higher casualties.
    They may only be fairly compaired with other nations and how those would have reacted if faced with a 90 year old border war. Once we appreciate that this is NOT a war over borders but rather, an eternal war against Jews, the situation is clearly defined.
    What would Russia do? Parking lot where Gaza used to be.
    What would China do? Paved parking lot.
    What would we do in the USA if a faction of Mexicans have engaged in a 90 year militancy to re-capture Texas?
    France, (under Chirac) for all their warmth–had publically threatened to use nuclear retaliation to deal with even one act of terror committed on their soil.
    Only if you believe that the Israelis are interlopers does it seem as if their level of restraint has been in any way underwhelming.
    PS> The name is Trollstein . . . .
    Prof. Cornelious Trollstein. My friends call me C.D. (but I have no friends.)
    PPS> While house demolition is not a peaceful act, it is less violent then pepper spray……

  4. In the US, in the same situation, the families of the victims would sue the murderer, enter judgement and then execute on his assets, including his bank accounts, stocks, bonds and home (like OJ Simpson).

    Why should a murderer have special exceptions and privileges simply because he is acting out of hate and Moslem Supremacy?

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