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The Israeli writer David Grossman, whose son died in the waning days of the 2006 war in Lebanon, makes a stunningly clear case for what was wrong with the Israeli flotilla action. While having no truck with the IHH, he also shows how wrong and self-defeating the Israeli action was. More importantly, he demonstrates how this is sympomatic of the larger problems Israel is bringing on itself with the cruel siege of Gaza and the ongoing occupation.

If the Ministers and Members of the Knesset had half Grossman’s clarity of vision, Israel would be in a much better place with a bright future, instead of facing its own national suicide.

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  1. The ancient Greeks used to say:”When the Gods wish to destroy someone
    they first take away his ability to evaluate reality correctly”.
    If we link the Israeli fiasco of the assassination in Dubai, with the fiasco of banning Professor Chomsky and the Spanish clown, with the fiasco of stopping the “Free Gaza” flotilla, we notice a repetitive pattern of failures to evaluate reality correctly. In all these cases (there are more) the “best plan” by the “best brains” succeeds but this success produces results that damage the overall project the “best brains” wanted to defend.
    In history this is always a symptom of decline of a historical project.

    Sic transit Gloria populi

    Aki ORR

  2. While I might agree with his conclusion, I wouldn’t don’t agree with Grossman’s misstatement of the IHH’s role vis a vis the other organizations participating in the flotilla, or even their “fanatical” views:

    “…a small Turkish organisation, fanatical in its religious views and radically hostile to Israel, recruited to its cause several hundred seekers of peace and justice, and managed to lure Israel into a trap…”

    This false start makes for a piece that one must read carefully and skeptically.

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