The Price of Success: Fanatical Wingnuts Target Jewish Voice for Peace Activist

On the same day that Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) could celebrate an excellent article about it in the New York Times, they also had to send out the alert below, alerting us to another threat to one of their activists.

I had reported some time back on a physical attack perpetrated by at least one member of the fanatical extremist group, Stand With Us against JVP members in Berkeley. The violence, however, doesn’t seem to be abating. Quite the opposite, as the defenders of occupation, human rights violations, and ethnic hatred continue to be exposed by groups like JVP, they will increasingly turn to intimidation tactics. It’s all they have.

I, obviously, know JVP well (indeed, when I worked for them, I also got a threatening phone call on my home phone). I know the membership and leadership will only be more determined in the face of these pathetic but monstrous tactics. The dispatch from Jesse Bacon is below, after which is a photo of the flyer that was found on the porch of the targeted activist. I know that even most people who oppose JVP equally oppose these sorts of tactics. Please spread this around so they can take action within their own communities to try to bring some civility back to the discourse around Israel.  Continue reading

With Eyes On Egypt, Anti-Democratic Bills Progress in the Knesset

This article was originally published at the Meretz USA blog

Given the momentous events taking place now in Egypt, it’s important for those of us who care about Israel to remember that the assault on Israeli democracy from within is continuing to move forward.

Luckily, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is maintaining its vigilance. They sent a chilling update regarding three bills that are moving forward in the Knesset. I include their brief reports on each bill (in italics below) followed by own comments on each.

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