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My latest piece for Babylon Times, hosted by the new web site Souciant, is a look at Bob Dylan, the greatest songwriter of my lifetime, and his controversial decision to play a concert in Israel next month.

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  1. Perhaps the deeper issue is that supporters of Israeli militarism have apparently exercised a special influence over the U.S. corporate music industry and concert promotion industry for many years. So supporters of Israeli militarism like the “Neighborhood Bully” songwriter are still being marketed as anti-war artists and few songs that express solidarity with the Palestinian people are apparently recorded or promoted by the U.S. corporate music industry (like the one on the attached youtube link). In addition, CBS/Sony records apparently dropped Joan Baez from its label in 1980s after she expressed to Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Live Nation concert promotion firm executives include the brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel–a vocal U.S. supporter of Israeli militarism.

  2. typo correction in above comment:
    should read “after Joan Baez expressed her opposition to Israeli military occupation of West Bank”.–bf

  3. Sad people you are. Support the brutal murderers, rapists and bigots while hating the Jews who still fight (“militarism”) to stay alive…

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