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My friend, Emily Hauser, had an idea she posted at her blog, “In My Head.” For her explanation of it, click here to visit Emily’s blog. Here’s her idea:

If you want to see the President of the United States take a stand for a just Israeli-Palestinian peace and (not for nothing) long-stated American

Emily L. Hauser

policy goals — let him know.

Make a phone call – the White House phone number is: 202-456-1111 (And if you’re Jewish or Israeli-American, make sure you mention it). Send an email – the White House contact pageis here: (you’ll find a sample email after the jump).

And yes — I want you to do both.

But more importantly, it’s possible that the President does, too.

To quote Auden: “All I have is a voice/to undo the folded lie.” It’s time to use your voice.


Sample email to the White House (but this is just to give you ideas. Your own words are always best!):

Dear President Obama,

I’m an American Jew/Israeli-American Jew/American for whom Israel’s future and well-being are very important. As change sweeps across the Middle East, I deeply and sincerely hope that you are planning on addressing the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I honestly believe that the only way that you can serve American, Israeli, and Palestinian interests is to make a real break with the past, and take leadership in presenting an American peace plan. Not only do the Israeli and Palestinian peoples deserve an end to bloodshed and real security, but I think that American interests throughout the Middle East demand that the US act to mediate a final peace agreement. Please use the opportunity of your upcoming speech and your appearance before AIPAC to do what’s best for Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans.


Name, etc, etc.