Bibi Shows Obama That In DC, He’s The Home Team

George Lucas (who incidentally should be legally barred from ever writing dialogue) wrote some of his cheesiest lines in the new Star Wars films when he was waxing political.

One of the worst actually resonated today as I watched Benjamin Netanyahu’s triumphant speechto a joint meeting of Congress. Lucas had Natalie Portman (who was,

Netanyahu can celebrate a decisive victory in Washington

coincidentally, born in Jerusalem) say: “So this is how liberty dies: with thunderous applause.”

Today, that was how the American Congress greeted the death of hope for peace in Israel and Palestine any time soon.

Congress, thoroughly beholden to AIPAC and completely indifferent to the best interests of not only the Palestinians but also Israel and their own country, cheered the home team as it defeated the President of the United States.

The home team, in this case, was Netanyahu.

The game started last Thursday with Obama’s tepid attempt at the State Department to clarify his murky foreign policy. He really didn’t do that, but he mentioned the 1967 borders. Despite the fact that not only has that been the basis for negotiation, the only possible one, all along, Bibi and his stooges in Congress on both sides of the aisle made this a phony issue.

They intentionally misrepresented what Obama said and accused him of calling on Israel to – GASP – obey international law and pull back to the 1967 borders. He said nothing of the kind, but, hey, why let facts get in the way? Continue reading

Netanyahu Conditions Denounced as “War” by Palestinians

My latest piece of reporting for IPS News is up, on today’s speech by Netanyahu to Congress. Much more to come on this in this space, keep watching.