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In my piece this week at Souciant, I look at the rather ludicrous controversy around the Center for American Progress regarding a blogger’s use of the term “Israel-firster” to describe people whose view of US foreign policy is driven by their (or Netanyahu’s) view of Israel’s strategic interests. It’s a phony argument meant to extend the right-wing campaign against CAP, and it seems to have had some success. That is something that not only liberals, but anyone who believes in free and open political debate should take very seriously.

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  1. The “Israel firster” debate is just another tactic for distracting journalists and bloggers from the main attraction. Israel and its hasbarites are good at thinking them up. Ever since “antisemitism” became emptied of all meaning, we’ve seen a number of words and phrases invented as possible replacements. “Self-hating Jew” is getting a bit tiresome. “Delegitimizer” still has a few miles in it. “Nazi” and “capo” still deliver a bit of a punch.

    I have learnt to ignore those who find antisemitism where there isn’t any. Zionism is in terrible trouble these days, so we can expect a lot more of that.

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