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In my latest piece for Souciant, I take on the growing use of Holocaust rhetoric to support an Israeli attack on Iran. In particular, the idea that Jews are more justified in drastic acts of self-defense because of the traumatic effect of the Holocaust that still lingers.

Also, Souciant has weathered another attack. Please help support this site that is drawing fire from the far right (current evidence suggests ultra-right/neo-Nazi groups are attacking it) by not only reading my piece, but the many other worthwhile articles on the site, and tell your friends.

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  1. For years, we have been told the reason there is so much violence by blacks in South Africa is because this is a legacy of Apartheid. We have been told that the fact that the rate of violent crime by blacks in the US is so high is because of the legacy of racism. We have been told that the reason the IRA has committed so much violence is because of the legacy of British oppression. So I must ask, doesn’t the recent horrific history of the Jewish people make a tough posture by Israel, the Jewish State, ‘understandable’ no less than the others?

  2. Dear I_like_ike52: to understand why violence is committed is not to condone it. I understand very well why Israel is a violent state, and it has less to do with the persecutions of the past than with present holocaust-mongering.

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