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In this week’s piece at Souciant, I look at Akiva Eldar’s revelation that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refused an invitation to address the Arab League in 2007 in order to promote a regional peace process with the goal of fully normal relations between Israel and all Arab League members. It serves as a reminder that, while the Netanyahu government is so radically right wing and makes an easy target, Israeli obstruction of any steps that might lead to an end to occupation runs much deeper than the current government.

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  1. Yes! There isn’t powerful and charismatic leadership for a resolution to the relationship between the two peoples. On either side. And more importantly the Israeli side, given the imbalance of power. The Israel Palestine Project is committed and in action laying the foundation for the training of such leadership, in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. Such leaders are at great risk as the article points out using Rabin and Sadat as examples. There are many more examples in recent history.

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