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The United States may be easing up its customary pressure on Europe to go along with it in its blanket protection of Israel no matter how far Israel pushes the envelope. Early indications are that Europe just doesn’t need the pressure, they’re not going to pressure Israel anyway, despite the recent arrogant comments by both Bibi Netanyahu and Yvet Lieberman. But in the long term, maybe there’s a little more hope down the European road than the US one. I explore this in this week’s piece at Souciant.

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  1. Yes, EU seems lack-a-daisical about enforcing international law, regard for (Palestinian) human rights, etc. “Not my back yard” seems to be the verdict, or, more sensibly, “What, me worry?” Also, “why get involved”, “don’t rock the boat”, “leave well enough alone”, and other bromides for escaping responsibility.

    Is there responsibility? Well, nominally, yes, for they’ve all signed on to the 4 Geneva conventions and undertaken to “ensure respect” for these conventions “under all circumstances”. and GC4 prohibits ALL settlements, as we all know. their citizens are pressing the governments a bit, but, you know, these days, citizens are the prisoners of oligarchies / plutocracies, and thus governments don’t care what they want.

    So we all wait.

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