US Arms Sale Sends Mixed Messages to Israel

My latest at LobeLog, analyzing the recent US arms sale to Israel.

One thought on “US Arms Sale Sends Mixed Messages to Israel

  1. Mitchell: Thank you for the level headed and informed perspective you continuously try to bring re. US/Palestine/Israel. However, I find what may be a very important element missing from your analysis regarding these arms sales to Israel; i.e. who (what corporations) makes money from these deals and is therefore a most likely key player in pushing them? Does “corporate” USA end at our national borders? I will grant you that both ideological and “strategic” elements should come into play in any analysis of US foreign policy decisions but ignoring the issue of who makes how much money from any decision (& how such short term interests might short change long term perspectives) is kind of like seating your analysis on a two legged stool; it doesn’t quite stand up. This, in turn, gets us into the much debated issue (especially re. Israel/Palestine) of the relative balance among determinants of US foreign policy decisions – interest group ideology vs. long-term military and economic strategy vs. short-term economic profit. I’d love to see you try to address this in relation to these arms deals, of which sales to Israel is actually only a constituent part of a significantly larger arms sales package to the Middle East nations.

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