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An Israeli peace activist sent me the following announcement. Many of you might be looking for something to do, or something more to do about the carnage in Gaza. The fact is, the solution to both short and long term problems in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel can best be solved by Israelis and Palestinians who can work together in an atmosphere of real mutual respect, not as occupier and occupied. 

Put simply, there is no hope for the future if the Israeli left cannot get a LOT more support than it has. That is not, to be sure, the be all and end all of how to change this situation. But since the true left in Israel has gotten so much more marginalized and weakened in the past 15 years, things have gotten progressively worse.

Now, here is an opportunity to do something about that. It may seem like a small opportunity, but the more people who join, the larger it gets. So, please, help in any way you can, and spread the word.

Here is the message I got:

“Mossi Raz and Galia Golan, two leading figures in the Israeli peace camp, have launched a crowdfunding campaign for an emergency fund to support the protest movement against the war in Gaza. This is the first time, to the best of my knowledge, that left wing groups in Israel have raised funds in this manner, to launch wide-scale and independent campaigns. Here is the link to the crowdfunding site: . The first event to be funded will be a large rally in Kikar Rabin Tel Aviv led by a wide coalition of organizations including Combatants for Peace and The Parent’s Circle.”

A Call for Action: An Emergency Fund to Support the Protest Against the War in Gaza

805 Palestinians Killed. 35 Israelis Killed. It has to stop now!

Beyond political questions about Israel’s right to defend itself and “who started it?”, there is a simple and absolute fact: these deaths are avoidable and unacceptable.The war has to stop now!

There is a determined community of activists who share this belief and are taking to the streets despite the rockets and the violence from right-wing extremists.

The organizations leading the protest are exceptionally underfunded and will not be able to continue their work without help.

This is a call for action: Before it is truly too late, we urgently need to create an emergency fund to support the collaborative efforts of those brave enough to say no to the bloodshed in the face of right-wing violence and denunciation. 

We call upon all those who share this goal to help the protesters by donating to the emergency fund. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 or 5000 dollars to donate: every dollar donated at this time of crisis will make a difference.

Thus far, several different organizations have been actively protesting against the war, each with its distinct political worldview and activities, but all with a shared commitment to the propositions that all people and all lives are equally valuable and that violence only begets more violence.

Among these organizations are Combatants for Peace, The Parent’s Circle and The Peace NGO Forum.

What Will be Done with the Funds

The emergency fund will serve only to support protest activities which (a) are widely collaborative and inter-organizational and (b) have the potential for wide public resonance towards ending the war in Gaza.

All decisions on fund allocation will be made by the Emergency Fund board, comprised of Mossi Raz and Professor Galia Golan.

The most urgent financial needs of the protest movement are:

a. The logistics of organizing collaborative protests (transportation, audio and video technology, etc.): about $8000 required

b. Media: these protests will not have full impact without strong media coverage:about $12000 required

c. Advocacy: protests are not enough. In order to achieve impact, the organizations will need to create and disseminate through social media powerful advocacy messages that will reach those not attending the events themselves: about $5000 required


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