Will U.S. Mideast Policy Take A New Turn?

The ongoing spat between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States President Barack Obama has drowned out an important issue. The entire question of the Israel-Palestine conflict seems to be out of sight and out of mind in Washington and the mainstream media. Instead, the focus has been on diplomatic protocols: on what the United States is or is not willing to concede to Iran in talks, on whether Israel can be trusted with sensitive updates on those talks, and on whether issuing renewed sanctions against Iran is a foolish idea.

Traditionally, the United States and the international community in general don’t even try to push peace in Israel’s direction when the Jewish state is in the midst of electoral campaign season. That’s what is happening now as well, despite the drama stirred up by Bibi and his congressional cohorts John Boehner (R-OH) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Staying out of Israeli elections is conventional wisdom, but is it the right move now? Read more at LobeLog

2 thoughts on “Will U.S. Mideast Policy Take A New Turn?

  1. Interesting suggestion. As you note, one might wish for a more strident USA position (or more logical or law-based, or whatever). If the settlements themselves are, again, to be called “illegal” (and not merely the building of them), then why get exercised only about new settlements rather than about all the settlements? And, implicitly or explicitly, the USA could mention that none of the settlements serve any defensive purp[ose whatever. so that the USA supports Israeli security but not Israeli lawlessness.
    USA could, for instance, mention that there are a range of views governments might take on the settlements, ranging from, at one extreme, ignoring them (as at present: praising by faint damns, so to speak) all the way, at the other extreme, to demanding removal of all settlers, the wall, and demolition of all settlement buildings and carting away the rubble.

    And then the USA could say that nothing is to prevent governments (not excluding that of the USA) from sliding from one extreme to the other in the face excessively long-continued Israeli intransigence.

    That’d be my choice. Especially for a lame duck Obama with no future elections to fund, if you get my drift.

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