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The spectacle of Donald Trump getting standing ovations at AIPAC was appalling to a wide range of Jews and others across the United States and the world. But that same spectacle can create Trump at AIPACopportunities for finally cracking apart the wall that prevents a serious debate on US policy in the Middle East. I explore how in The New Republic today.

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  1. I’m thinking you missed the Israeli disengagement from Gaza 10 years ago? Perhaps it might jog your memory to remember the wrecking spree and destruction of factories and industries that happened afterwards. Admittedly the commitment to destroying Israel makes peace difficult to negotiate.

    And before you go too far in dissing AIPAC, do remember there were 18,000+ in attendance who came together out of love and commitment to Israel. Many were neither clapping nor cheering but since you weren’t actually there you wouldn’t know that.

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