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This morning, I was notified by Busboys and Poets that they have cancelled the event that was to be held this week featuring the notorious anti-Semite and conspiracy theorist, Christopher Bollyn.

Thank you to everyone who acted to bring this about, thank you to Andy Shallal for his quick response to my message to him about it, and thank you to B&P for recognizing their error and acting swiftly to correct it. Please do send them your thanks directly through their contact page.

Now, let’s see if Brooklyn Commons will do the same.  Please urge them to follow suit. Their contact page is here.

B&P has said that a statement will be issued shortly. I will post it here when it is out.

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  1. Why is bigotry against Israelis and Israeli Jews and the Jewish people acceptable if it’s in the form of denying the right of the world’s only Jewish state to be a Jewish state, all while happily accepting the right of Arab states to be Arab states, Muslim countries to be Muslim countries, etc?

    Why is it acceptable to be “anti-zionist” and therefore REJECT Jewish nationalism in the form of Israel, yet while ACCEPTING Arab nationalism in the form of Arab states, Muslim nationalism in the form of Muslim countries, Palestinian nationalism in the form of promoting a Palestinian state/etc?

    Why are “anti-zionists” (people who reject Jewish human rights and the Jewish right to self-determination) any better than an anti-semitic 9/11 truther?

    American anti-semites like him promote hate towards Jews.
    Anti-zionists promote hate towards Israelis and Israeli Jews (who are 40% of the world’s News).

    And anti-zionists work to erase the only state in the world that will accept Jews without reservation from existence. What is more anti-semitic than that?!?

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