Posted on: April 7, 2020 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0
There’s a lot that can be done, if we stop attacking one another. This doesn’t mean stifling the substantial grievances and concerns many of us have with Joe Biden. That is a terribly flawed strategy that Biden’s team and supporters are pursuing, and it feeds into Donald Trump’s narrative. Biden should be vetted, but we need not attack him. His merits and flaws should be aired, because if we don’t, Trump will, to great effect. But that doesn’t necessitate running him down. We can recognize that the moment requires choosing a candidate that doesn’t reflect our values in order to get the most dangerous man in the world out of power. And, if we all do it respectfully, it need not be a step back, but a step toward the sort of country we’d all like to live in.
The 113th Congress Senators’ Swearing-In Re-enactments in the Old Senate Chamber.

Matthew Yglesias, the blogger and journalist at Vox, sent out a twitter storm on Sunday that was one of the best summaries of the current state of the Democratic primary I can imagine. In fifteen quick tweets, he really nailed crucial points.

Yet, despite Yglesias’ skills with concision, it’s really worth elaborating on his points. So, here are his tweets, and my comments on each one. Read more at Medium