Posted on: April 14, 2020 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0
David Makovsky and Dennis Ross

Dennis Ross, the former U.S. envoy to the Middle East, and his colleague at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, David Makovsky, have based their careers on a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. They are two of the leading voices in modeling that solution on a “Jewish and democratic” State of Israel living next to a Palestinian state dependent on Israel for security, water, and finance.

This is the essence of the “Oslo model.” It’s not the only possible form a two-state solution could take, and two states is not the only feasible model for a solution. But the Oslo model is the one that Ross and Makovsky have built their careers on for more than a quarter century, as it has dominated Middle East diplomacy. That the model has proven to be an utter failure is a fact they cannot afford to admit. Read more at Responsible Statecraft