Posted on: July 6, 2022 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

As Joe Biden prepares to head to the Middle East, it is important to understand the policy goals he is pursuing on this trip. It is perhaps most important to understand that the long-term agenda here was started not by Biden, but by Donald Trump. That’s whose policies we continue to pursue, albeit without quite as much graft and crime involved.

In my latest piece for Mondoweiss, I examine the connection between Shireen Abu Akleh and the budding “Mideast NATO” that the Biden administration is nurturing. I look at how the Saudi-Iran rivalry plays into this and how the US is undermining those efforts at regional peace that are actually showing signs of progress, and how, in all of this, the Palestinians are being thrown even further under the bus.

Check it out at Mondoweiss.