Posted on: October 30, 2022 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

As Israelis vote in another round of elections (while, it is always important to keep in mind, millions of Palestinians who are directly ruled not by the PA or Hamas but by Israel are barred from any say in who will run the apartheid regime that governs their lives), the outcome is, once again, too close to call. But polls do show a narrow path to victory for the pro-Netanyahu/Ben-Gvir bloc while no such path is immediately apparent for the mostly right-wing opposition which, in its ethnocratic racism, will refuse to include the Hadash-Taal list in any potential government (and Hadash-Taal likely would not accept anyway).

But outside of Israeli voters, the ones most concerned about a return of Benjamin Netanyahu to the Prime Minister’s Office are not Palestinians, but center-right and liberal pro-Israel groups who try to convince others that a kinder, gentler ethnocentric state is either what Israel is or could be. Because Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir, each in somewhat different ways, each serves to shatter that already unbelievable illusion. I explain in my latest for Mondoweiss.