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The folks over at Responsible Statecraft published an interesting piece last week from a former U.S. analyst and adviser, George Beebe. He made a persuasive case for why it is becoming more and more of a priority for Joe Biden to change his course of eschewing diplomacy and favoring instead a quixotic military victory.

Beebe points to three main factors to explain why it is more important than ever that Biden put more emphasis on reaching a diplomatic resolution with Russia. One is the mounting evidence that not only is the popular definition of victory—expelling Russia from all the lands it has illegally taken, including Crimea—out of reach, but even the more modest aim of reversing Russia’s gains in the past year, never an easy goal, is becoming less and less realistic….

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  1. Well written and perceptive. The diplomatic instrument of power is misunderstood and improperly used. Thank you, Mitchell, for this intelligent, insightful analysis.

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