Posted on: June 18, 2023 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

The increasing gap between Israel and its liberal defenders and supporters in the US did not come about accidentally. Nor was it due to any great ethical awakening by Americans, Jewish or otherwise. Rather, it was created and is being greatly exacerbated by Israel and Israeli officials.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is increasing. It’s really shocking in its dimensions considering the amount of support–financial, military, and, especially, political–Israel gets from the US and the American Jewish community. To be sure, the behavior of figures like Amichai Chikli doesn’t bother those on the far right, again, Jewish or otherwise. But Israel needs the bulk of the Jewish community and it needs Democrats if it is not to become completely dependent on the global and, lest we forget, antisemitic right. This piece at Mondoweiss examines the state of play