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Bernie Sanders’ refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza is alienating his base

Only one US senator has called for a ceasefire. You’d probably guess it would be Bernie Sanders, who has established himself as the leader in the Senate in supporting Palestinian rights, even if that is damning with faint praise. But it is not Bernie, but Dick Durbin of Illinois who remains the only senator to call for a ceasefire. Why has Bernie explicitly refused to call for a ceasefire? I…

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Wrong Man for the Job: Biden and the Sukkot War, Part I

In the first of a two-part article for the European outlet, The Battleground, I examine the absence of any serious strategy behind Joe Biden’s approach to Israel’s massive attack on Gaza after Hamas’ October 7 attack. Read at The Battleground here.

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Biden has no endgame in Gaza

What is Joe Biden’s endgame in Gaza? I’ve been asked that question repeatedly in recent days. The simple answer is he doesn’t have one. Mouthing some nonsense about a two-state solution that hasn’t been feasible for at least a decade and installing the Palestinian Authority in Gaza only shows how utterly lost Biden is. In this piece at Mondoweiss, I look at Biden’s complete lack of any policy other than full support…

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Statements in Support of the Palestinian People

I was proud to have been asked to contribute a statement to this collection of prominent artists, scholars, and activists speaking in defense of the people of Gaza. Some of the contributors included Angela Davis, Susan Abulhawa, Ben Ehrenreich, Raja Shehadeh, Robin DG Kelley, and Sarah Schulman, among many others. See the full list here. And hear the statements here (mine is also available below)  

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Plan to force Palestinians to Sinai yet another Biden disaster

Plans surfaced in Israel to forcibly transfer Palestinians from Gaza to the Sinai. During his recent trip to the region, Antony Blinken explored that possibility, as well as also potentially transferring some to Jordan. It was quickly evident that Egyptian and Jordanian leaders understood how disastrous this would be for their own interests. But the fact that Biden and Blinken even considered it shows just how completely clueless they are…