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The question of violence

After years of the United States, Israel and the Palestinian Authority making it clear to the Palestinian people that diplomacy will not secure the realization of Palestinian rights–especially given the massive power imbalance–the use of armed resistance to Israeli apartheid is growing among Palestinians. People have asked, “where is the Palestinian Mandela?” Well, when South African Apartheid President P.W. Botha offered Mandela his freedom if he would renounce violence, he…

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AIPAC is Backing Trumpist White Nationalist Candidates As Trump Spouts Antisemitism

I sat down for a conversation with Ian Masters of Background Briefing on Tuesday. We discussed AIPAC’s expanded role in US elections and the right’s including the Jewish right’s, loathsome hypocrisy when it comes to antisemitism. You can listen here.

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Why a new program aiming to fight anti-Zionism among Reform Jews is bound to fail

The increasing difficulty that Israel advocates in the United States face in trying to sell an apartheid regime to liberal Americans–Jewish and otherwise–had, while Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s prime minister, led many to simply embrace the right, and leave liberals behind. Now, with Yair Lapid in office, and given his deep ties to the Democratic party, the pro-Israel strategy has shifted its attention back to liberals, particularly among Democrats. But…

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What’s Really Behind the OPEC+ Price Hike?

To hear the Biden administration tell it, the Saudis are completely irrational actors who will happily throw the US and Europe under the bus just to help Russia, even though that offers far less economic benefit to them. But that’s not what’s going on here. Instead, this is Saudi Arabia pulling out the big guns to get the kind of American leadership they want: one which will do business with…

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The return of the two-state solution illusion

In my latest piece for Mondoweiss, I look at the confluence of recent events at the United Nations and in the discourse around Israel and Palestine on Capitol Hill. Specifically, the speech of Yair Lapid at the UN General Assembly, supported explicitly by US President Joe Biden, and the horrific pile-on of Rashida Tlaib by members of her own Democratic Party. I argue that these were related events, and that they…