Is This Really The Time For Direct Talks?

In my latest blog post for Meretz USA, I question the wisdom of the big push by President Obama for direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians right now.

Of course, I support direct talks, and indeed believe them to be the only way to eventually settle this conflict. But right now, the Israelis and Palestinians are just not politically able to make the deal. The only way they would is if Obama pressures them very strongly, and with mid-term elections looming, does anyone seriously believe he is about to do anything of the kind?

I hope you’ll check out the article at Meretz USA’s blog.

If This Guy Can Advocate Realistic Peace, Why Can’t We?

Not much to say here, but WOW. Dov Weissglas was once Ariel Sharon’s right-hand man. He was the one who informed the world that the hidden agenda behind the Gaza withdrawal, in his own formulation was to put “formaldehyde” into the peace process.

Lara Friedman, of Americans for Peace Now circulated this op-ed that Weissglas published in Hebrew only in Yediot

Dov Weissglas

Ahronot yesterday. You can read her intro and the full piece by clicking here. I reprint the op-ed in its entirety here to increase its circulation. When a figure like Weissglas, whom no one would confuse with a “liberal,” a “leftist” or a “peacenik” says this it shows how clear the way out of the Israel-Palestine conflict really is.

It is time for Americans who care about Israel, Palestine or both to come together to push our government not to simply advocate ephemeral “negotiations”, but talks that are based on the parameters we all, including Weisglas, understand will be the realistic solution to this conflict. No more general talk of peace, but specific demands on both sides to accept these parameters, which so closely mirror those of former President Bill Clinton. Continue reading