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My new article about Israel’s 60th anniversary has been published by Zeek magazine at their new site at Jewcy.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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  1. Mitchell wrote:
    “Had this Arab offer been proposed even twenty years ago, most Israelis would have wept in joy at the prospect and leapt at it.”
    Mitchell: You continue to overlook the small technical problem of 5.5 million Arabs, who claim rights as Israeli citizens.
    “The 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which led to Israel’s eighteen year occupation of southern Lebanon, an era many compared to America’s Vietnam quagmire . . ”
    Nothing whatsoever in common. Rhetorical.
    “Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s failure at the Camp David negotiations in 2000 (a failure he wrongly blamed on the Palestinians) . . .”
    Mitchell is back to his traditional tact of casting the stronger for the fight regardless of the circumstances. I have contacts from inside the PMs office. They reported to me (personally) that:
    Clinton brought a combined financial pledge of $30 billion–to the Arabs to settle any outstanding disputes.
    Barak’s real estate offer would have meant that 95% of the ground acquired by Israel in 1968 would have been forfeited–in return for the peace agreement. This remaining 5% could have been further negotiated. (In fact, it did NOT include a total Israeli abandonment of Gaza, as has since been completed –without any treaty).
    Where Israel was firm was on the so called “refugee” question, whereas Mr. Arafat was insisting on full Israeli citizenship (and certain internal land concessions). Arafat disengaged over that issue, not the land proposals (except for Dome of Rock status). That is still the outstanding issue. Why make such a romance over all of this? It was ‘nuts-and-bolts’ all the way. Arafat had to hurry-up and start his “intafata” and therefore he could not wait around for further negotiations, because he had to make sure it was in full tilt PRIOR to 9-11-01.
    BTW: I own a video series which shows Chairman Arafat preaching war (in Arabic) and insisting “Not one inch” during the entire Oslo process. (The only reason not to blame his would be if he were to be deemed a psychopath.)
    “We can be pro-Israel without defending every single Israeli policy.”
    Thank you for this permission. That has been my policy since I was 13. But the above statement does not apply herein. [Translation~ we can pretend to be “pro-Israel” by parsing out superficial platitudes].

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