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I have a new piece on Obama and the flap over Rob Malley. It’s at and they’ve commissioned me to write some pieces for them. This is the first, and you can find it by clicking here.

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  1. I do not know who this Malley person is and I think he is a minor player in the grand scheme. I was among the first people to create and distribute a compelling email attacking the propaganda piece about Obama:
    a) Being a secret Muslim;
    b) Who did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance &
    c) Swore his oath of office on the Qur~an, etc. etc.
    I did not defend Obama because I supported him (very important). I decided to support him when I saw the filth, which was so obviously bullsh*t, flashing across the internet. It was sooooooo simple to conclude that the allegations were fabrications. Why? Because there is no way he would have gotten that far (as he was at the time) if any of them had been true. Simple reasoning. Not brain surgery. Yet, that level of reasoning is often beyond most Americans, on many subjects. But I digress.
    The same email attack piece arrived multiple times and in each case, the sender was NOT Jewish. Nor were the multiple recipients (except myself). Frankly, Jews might be savvy enough to realize as I had. These emails originated from friends who were in law enforcement, ‘Archie Bunker’ types, middle America church going, ordinary, nice, white people. Some of these were forwards from other people who I did not know. When opened, the list of senders and recipients read like a 1950’s country-club (except that Catholics were also allowed). One or two Jewish names popped up, among the hundreds.
    And so what if Obama was a Muslim? If he was a Muslim with the intelligence and courage to see the impossible position Israel has been placed in–against its will, then I would move on to the next subject.
    Which is exactly why I often have an easier time blogging on Muslim web sites, then I do on Jewish ones. I blog on one such site where the Muslims think I am Fu*qing cool. Because I patiently explain to them the cause-and-effect relationships and mysteriously, many of them get it. Try doing that on the Rachel Corrie (Hootie-Hooten-Harold-Green-Grass-Jones) web site and see what happens. But I again digress.
    Right-wing Jews call me a “liberal” and radical leftist Brewskys consider me a “neocon”.
    But I am neither. I am a compulsive truth-teller and I couldn’t care less who likes it. Because the truth survives on its own propulsion and in reality, does not need me.
    This Israel argument has been round and round more times then a motorcycle daredevil, driving around the walls of a carnival exhibit. We do not lack the facts. What we commonly lack is the desire to see them.
    The Y2K so called “peace talks” collapsed over the future status of some 5-million so called “refugees”. But in reality, those people are still considered “refugees” for the intended purpose of preventing peace from springing-out. There is no solution in sight, until that reality looses its disguise.
    THE WORLD CAN NOT STAND FOR JEWS TO SUCCEED. CONVERSELY, JEWS TYPICALLY SUCCEED. End of line, end of verse, end of chapter, end of story.
    Just as it was so easy to see the false nature of the Obama email, it was even easier to see the false (contrived) anger by Yasser Arafat, when in 2,000 he was offered $30-billion in reparations. As I have said before, $300-billion would have only pissed him off, ten-times worse. His was one of the poorest dramatic performances in the history of television, perhaps worse then Keaneau Reeves playing an FBI agent.
    Hopefully, Mr. Obama is being truthful when he speaks with admiration about Israel and it is NOT (as Mitchell continues to state in denial, an election year ploy to keep his chances alive).
    And that’s all I have to say about that . . .

  2. PS> Not every conflict deserves a “half-a-loaf” solution. A journalist (for example) interviewing Holocaust survivors does NOT ethically need to provide equal time to a “death-camp” gas chamber operator, in order to allow him (or her) to credibly deny that death camps in fact existed, or that Jews met their demise (en masse) therein.
    This “Balanced Approach” is all warm-and-fuzzy sounding but is simplistic and generally provides the “Arab Cause” with a platform for which they are not always deserving.
    It permits the world to insist that Israel constantly give ground, to the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Lebanese, the Iraqis (by not retaliating during first Gulf War) and to the Palestinian-Arabs, and still be ‘half-a-loaf’ away from a reasonable solution.
    I remember a time (before Arafat became legitimatized by Pope John-Paul II) when the Palestinian-Arabs only official complaint was that they did not like their choice of low paying jobs inside Israel. How many loafs ago was that?
    This is an Orwellian war, contrived and orchestrated by Orwellian puppet-masters, who (as in Orwell’s 1984) have no problem feeding generation after generation of their own people to their deaths, in return for a permanent state of conflict to which they are in total control.
    The “half-a-loaf” solution does nothing for Winston Smith & co. It is just as much a solution as the war itself.

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