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I have a new blog piece at examining the results of the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh. Click here to read the piece.

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  1. Moral of the story:
    Buy gold.
    This blog entry was among the more agreeable entries I have seen.
    Israel BTW: was likely to strike Iran’s Nuclear program, before the two Iranian statements quoted.
    I think what Mitchell left out, which should have been included is:
    a) Iran is (and has been) in blatant defiance of the U.N. Security Council. This is no minor offense. The result is nothing less then the complete obsolescence of the U.N.’s law making and enforcement arms.
    b) Iran is in breach of the U.N. charter by threatening another member-nation with annihilation. The potential penalty for this violation is eviction from U.N. membership. (Of course, if you believe that will happen, I have some choice swamp land to sell you in Baghdad.)
    I for one do not believe Israel killed Mughniyeh. If they did, it was well deserved. But probably Syria did the deed because Mughniyeh was stepping out of line. As a second alternative, operatives from Lebanon were sending pay-back for the Hariri assassination. Had Mughniyeh known that his death would inspire such a backlash against Israel, he might well have blown himself to bits, as a final strike on the Jews.
    The Rachel Corrie foundation has recently shut down its community blog. While some consider me the ‘paranoid’ type, I was virtually the only person with comments posted. The political left, more so then anyone, must encourage the free conveyance of speech.

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