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A new piece is up now at You can read it by clicking here.

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  1. Not bad.
    People have commented that I need to learn to take “yes” for an answer. So I will make that effort here and do the minimum objecting to the piece.
    But I must interject: What is your plan Mitchell?
    You do a good job of telling everyone else what they are doing wrong and even a good job of trying to be balanced in doing so. But you propose no alternatives. As long as the rockets fly into Israeli civilian neighborhoods, the Israelis feel they must do something. How wrong are they in that conclusion? How many nations would do nothing?? Your beef seems to be concerned with the nature of the Israeli counter-measures. OK, lets, arguendo, assume that there is fault in the Israeli response. You are now Prime Minister of Israel with a mandate and 70% approval. What you do?? Talk to Hamas?? OK. That was fun. Now what?? Give Hamas their demands?? Your approval then drops to 7%. What’s the fix??My suggestion is that the USA tell Egypt to take over (annex) Gaza, or their aid package goes to Israel. If they cooperate, the USA will bonus them with some light military equipment.
    Problem solved. Then we could move onto some really important issues. Like fixing the US Judicial system.

  2. Can Trollstein comment on how the Egyptians’ taking over Gaza would solve the rocket attack issues?

  3. Mo:
    They would essentially have to clean-streets and disarm all non-officials. This would not by easy. But, someone will have to do this, either now or later. If fellow Arabs take charge, at least, the race-card will have beed removed from the equation. There will still be some who still claim that the Egypt leadership are “Jews” and or “Keffirs”, but I’ll take that over the much larger and louder cries of “war crimes” and masacres.

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