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  1. I gotta love those romance novelists, who pick at the problems like it is a very delicate ‘oral surgery’ procedure. When the patient asks: “Will I loose the tooth?” The dentist is very careful to say: ”Well it all depends. You have a very narrow root and gosh-darn, we can’t see the ends on the x-ray.” [Translation: “come back for a few more visits”].
    But human emotion is not as complex as root-canal. Jew or Muslim, secular or religious, the same basic elements tick inside all.
    The Hebrew religious zealots have less power then they think and less then other’s think as well. This is because they do little if any of the fighting. They can only pull this off for so long and only under certain specific circumstances. Remember that these are much the same groups of people who refused to support Israel for 90 years, based solely on Hebrew Scripture and the lack of a Messiah (as prophesized). The center of the chess board–they do not control.
    The primary problem is, as it has always been, that the area’s large Muslim population and to a lesser though still quite significant degree, the Christians, have not been willing to allow for Jewish independence. To the Christians, Jerusalem is where Christ, the savior of the world was born and died and no other religion, (especially not the one that murdered him) should have control of that turf.
    To the Muslims, the locals made up this false claim that the Dome of the Rock was referenced in the Qur’an, when in fact, Jerusalem was under strict Roman Catholic control until 62 years after Mr. Mohammed Passed away. Until Islamic conquest, the Dome of the Rock was a Catholic Church of St. Mary of Justinian and was first commissioned by Emperor Constantine’s wife in 335 (over 1,000 years earlier).
    Dore Gold spoke on this subject (about 5 years after I publicized it in the U.S. media) and stated (in partial Hebrew because he was afraid to say it out loud in English) that when he questioned a friendly Muslim cleric about how this time-line could be possible, the answer was, ‘’’the Islamic Prophet Mohammed merely prophesized that he would some day visit the (later to be converted) Dome at the appropriate time after he had died’’’. That is actually the best explanation the Muslims have. Others are still weaker. Such as the oft repeated claim that Mr. Mohammed was ‘transported to the Dome in a “vision” or a “dream”’. Well, I had a dream about Wynona Ryder the other night. It doesn’t mean I have rights over her.
    The Muslim scriptures not only portray themselves as morally and metaphysically superior to Jews and more righteous and deserving of success, but the verses also portray the Jews as being substandard in general. Substandard and evil to the core.
    Yes, there is an element of secular Muslim society that wishes strongly for peace. They are not the problem. The problem has always been the other ‘twin’. The Muslim Brotherhood, et al, their successors and assigns, who blow up Muslims, Christians and Jews with equal ferocity, should any step over their sandbox line.
    When one thinks of the fortuitous misfortune the Jews have had throughout history, it is a wonder that any today survive. Until these radial militants awake, that a mosque is a place to be with God and not a war-room to plot the overthrow of one’s neighbors, their may be no peace in our time.

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