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Hi, all,

My latest piece is up at It concerns a historic petition being brought to the Israeli courts. You can read it by clicking here.

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  1. Ironically, the Israeli courts are among the fairest and most unbiased in the world. That does not make them fair. Just fairer then most. After all, Jews invented lawyers–hundreds of years before the Common Era. And God may be punishing us for having done so.
    In the early stages of the McCain campaign, he made a speech in which he stated:
    “The Iraqi people are entitled to a fair and impartial legal system”.
    OK. I’m fine with that but . . . what about my legal system?? Don’t I deserve as much as the Iraqis???
    If the day comes when the Israeli courts fall below the average, it will be not only a sad day in Israel but equally a sad day for worldwide social evolution.
    In the mean time, if the land in question is not legitimately owned by the people doing the building, then the Israeli courts should function properly and put a stop to it.

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