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I very much appreciate President Obama condemning yesterday’s murders of four settlers in the South Hebron Hills.

But that condemnation would be an awful lot more meaningful, to myself and to many others I’m sure, if we saw similar outrage in Washington when Israel killed over 700 Palestinian non-combatants in Operation Cast Lead. Or when a

Obama looking sad. But can he also shed tears for Arabs?

border policeman killed Bassem Abu Rahmeh by firing a gas cannister directly and intentionally at him. Or for any of the 100 Palestinians killed since the end of Operation Cast Lead (many of whom were killed as combatants, to be sure, but 32 of whom were not taking part in hostilities nor were counted as “targeted assassinations”).

Or even just raise some questions or concerns at least for Americans killed by Israeli forces or injured because they were exercising their right to protest as American Jews in Israel?

Where, Mr. President, is the outrage for them? You were right to condemn yesterday’s murders, but why does that outrage disappear when the victims are Palestinians or those who sympathize with them? How do you expect to be seen as an honest broker if you won’t even show equal sympathy to innocents of both sides? Doesn’t seem like much to ask.

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