Avishai: ABRAHAM’S CHILDREN Toward a right of return for Palestinians

Harpers’ Magazine only put this in their print edition. I offer here a pdf file of Bernard Avishai’s piece exploring the question of the Palestinian Right of Return. I’m not sure about his proposed solution, but the very fact that the subject is being taken seriously in a mainstream US publication and by the pen of a noted Zionist dove is important. For too long, the subject of Palestinian refugees has been shunted aside to be dealt with “later” or addressed in vague, unsatisfying terms that has let the ideological battle simmer. I applaud Avishai for taking this issue on.

My own view on RoR can be found here. But what is important is not where one stands on this issue, at least not right now. What is important is that the question be brought into the light of day and grappled with openly and consistently, as has been done on other issues regarding this vexing conflict.