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In my latest piece for Souciant, I continue with my recent theme of where to go now that the two-state solution has been rendered moot. Using a recent article by Yossi Alpher as a foil, I examine some of the reasons the Oslo process failed, a process that need not have been the only route to a two-state solution. But since it was, its death brought with it the death of a two-state future, at least as it was envisioned. As a two-stater, I never supported the Oslo process and formulation which was flawed from the outset, and in this piece I explain why, and hopefully draw some lessons about where we can go from here.

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  1. Dear Mitchell,
    I am the Executive Director of The Israel Palestine Project. In my opinion, your blog articles are an improtant contribution to the dialogue around Israel Palestine. I wish to post these on Facebook and prior to that to forward them to the leadership team. The present article on the demise of Oslo and the current liberal explanations is valuable for us. It seems that it cannot be forwarded, What do you suggest? And how is your academic work for a degree going?
    Jack Berriault

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