Posted on: July 29, 2022 Posted by: Mitchell Plitnick Comments: 0

The most high-profile fight yet that AIPAC is trying to decide with its money is in Michigan, where two incumbents–progressive Andy Levin and conservative Haley Stevens–are facing off. AIPAC’s all-out assault on Levin–a self-declared Zionist and high-profile Jewish member of Congress–redraws the political map around Israel, especially in races where it is not a factor at all.

AIPAC, knowing it has no hope of retaining support for an apartheid state among younger liberals as they become more prominent in the Democratic Party, has decided to throw its weight behind the fight against democracy, as democracy cannot serve its desire for a bipartisan consensus in support of barbaric Israeli policies.

I look into AIPAC’s tactics and the implications for Palestine as well as for American democracy in my latest piece for Mondoweiss.