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There is no denying that Maxwell Alejandro Frost–the 25-year-old gun-control and civil rights advocate who will soon become the youngest member Congress–represents a big win for the progressive movement on the whole. His victory in Florida’s 10th District was a victory for many causes progressives support.

Except for Palestine.

As I detail in my latest piece for Mondoweiss, Frost espoused staunch support for the cause of Palestine, including withholding military aid and support for BDS, and got a lot of support from the Palestinians and pro-Palestine community in his district. Then he met Ritchie Torres, and things started to change. By the time the primary came around, Frost had completely abandoned his pro-Palestine stance, and published a position paper that could (and, who knows, maybe was) have been written by AIPAC.

Frost is now the starkest example of a Progressive Except Palestine (PEP), and that makes it crucial that he be convinced to change his stance back. I go deep into this and speak to a former leader on his campaign in my piece at Mondoweiss.

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  1. Maxwell is progressive on Palestine. He supports a 2-state solution. Anyone who believes in wiping Israel off the map (such as you and Mondoweiss) does NOT hold a progressive position.

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